Kitchen Cabinets

As a contractor I have seen many kitchens over the years.  And it still blows me away to see a grungy old kitchen become so new and beautiful in just a few short weeks.  Yes the cost can be steep depending on what you do but the results will always impress.

The secret to getting the job done right is to hire the proper contractor.  When you go to a tradeshow or look online for a company you will want to do some research before moving forward.  This is not the time to pick the cheapest company you talk to.

Think about this for a minute.  Company A comes in 15% lower than company B.  Do you really believe that company A is going to give the exact same product and service as company B?  In fact, most of the time Company A will cut so many corners that their profit margin is higher that that of Company B.  If you plan on living in your home for at least the next three years then please do yourself a favor and do not go with the lowest price company.

If you live in the Edmonton area check out some friends of mine at to give you a quote on a kitchen, bathroom, or basement development project.